Hey, I'm Mohit Arora.

I'm a content creator, advisor, and speaker

Looking at my career to-date, it's no surprise that I would eventually fall in love with the world of social audio.

Before diving head-first into Clubhousethe pioneer in live social audio — my career includes working as an audio engineer, music marketer, A&R, social media strategist, brand manager, blogger, creative partner, speaker, community organizer, etc. Thanks to my relentless desire to follow my passions in my work and my unquenchable curiosity, I've remained at the forefront of emerging trends for 15+ years. This ability to spot trends early and understand how to navigate them effectively, enabled me to build powerful platforms for several celebrities.

Today, I am more than thankful to have the opportunity to continue to build my own community; a community which I nurture with love + purpose. Nearly every day, I communicate with people all over the world on topics like mental health, creating your own destiny, health equity, the creator economy, music, web3, and overall wellness.

I believe in the live social audio space so much, that I've invested a lot of time, money, and resources into developing content, building communities, coaching other creators, and experimenting with new formats + use cases for this emerging medium. Due to my heavy involvement in the social audio space, I've become a regular speaker and advisor on the subject.

If you:

  • Represent a brand looking to partner together
  • Are looking for a creator advisor for your brand or startup
  • Are looking for a speaker for your event
  • Work for a media outlet looking to speak with a Clubhouse creator
  • Are curious about social audio and need a tour guide

Please send an email to talent@fatemakers.xyz