Hey, I'm Mohit Arora.

I'm a media host, content creator, advisor, founder, speaker, and board director based in Toronto.

I lead F Δ T Ξ M Δ K Ξ R S, a studio focused on producing purpose-driven media + advising purpose-driven brands. In the past, I've worked in the music industry, run a marketing firm, consulted for clients in tech, entertainment, fashion, CPG, behavioural science, and lots more.

You can usually find me on Clubhouse, hosting engaging events for my community.

on topics like fatemaking, health equity, mental health, identity (race, culture, gender, etc), music, creator economy,community building, artistry, social media, and all things based in love.

If any of these topics interest you too, you can stay up-to-date with them in my monthly mixtape — well, it's really a newsletter that's formatted like a mixtape.

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